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Malpractice Can Result in a Negligent Death Lawsuit

People can make mistakes. However, when we use poor judgment that results in an injury to another person, then the law holds us accountable. Medical professionals are particularly vulnerable to litigation to compensate for injuries they cause when they do not provide expected levels of care when treating their patients. After police charged Joaquin Rams… Read More »

Motorcycle Officer Killed in Collision with Van

While motorcycling can be dangerous for the uninitiated, many think of motorcycle cops as invincible. Unfortunately that image took another hit when the sixth motorcycle officer in Virginia history was killed on duty, just before New Years. An ex-marine and a seven-year veteran of the Prince William County Police Department, 35-year-old Officer Chris Yung died after… Read More »

Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ‘N Play Infant Sleepers Due to Risk of Exposure to Mold

When you put your baby to sleep you expect her to be safe. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced the voluntary recall of the popular Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Infant Sleeper, which is manufactured in China and imported into the U.S. by Fisher-Price. This recall is not for new units sold in… Read More »

What to Do in Case of a Chemical Spill?

Contrary to what local teenagers may believe, a chemical spill is no laughing matter. It can contaminate the water supply, pollute the environment, and cause serious, immediate and long-term injuries. The first two things you should do if you witness a chemical spill is call 911 and try to get at least one-half mile, or… Read More »

Distracted Drivers Heading Down the Wrong Track

As the pace of technology advances, more and more of us are becoming attached to our electronic devices. But a serious problem arises when our phones take away our attention from the real world when it is most needed. A new survey shows that 21 percent of drivers use the Internet while driving. Among those… Read More »

Metro Discloses Payouts for Victims of 2009 Crash

Most of us remember the Red Line Metro crash of 2009 where nine people died and dozens more were injured. It was a difficult summer for everyone involved. The National Transportation Safety Board report found that a malfunction of the automatic train control system was the direct cause of the crash. The system is supposed… Read More »

Baby Bathers of Summer Infant Recalled Because of Fall and Injury Hazard: Consumers Advised to Order Free Repair Kit

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently announced a voluntary recall of Mother’s Touch/Deluxe Baby Bathers, which are manufactured by Summer Infant, Inc.  The problem with the bather is that when it is lifted or carried with an infant in it, the wire frame can, without warning, separate from the side hinge and drop the… Read More »

Children’s Pajamas Recall

Parents have to be ever-vigilant when it comes to their growing children—whether that means putting child safety locks on cabinets containing potentially hazardous chemicals or placing them in a car seat before taking off for a ride. Now comes news of yet another danger posed to children—their pajamas. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has… Read More »

Attorney Michael Kernbach and Co-Counsel Win Landmark Case for Families of Virginia Tech Shooting Victims

Most of the families of the victims of  the tragic 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech, which left 33 people dead, agreed to settle potential wrongful death claims against the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as Virginia Tech employees and officials for a payment of $100,000.  In exchange for the payment, the families agreed to a… Read More »

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