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Pit Bull Attack… Again

It seems like every few months there is another story in the news about a pit bull attacking an innocent person and causing severe injuries. While attack dogs may have a purpose, they also pose a danger to law-abiding citizens. Although there is a debate about whether the dogs or the owners are to blame,… Read More »

Motorcycle Mistakes: Staying Safe on the Road

Seventeen-year old Elias Jones did not expect to die in a crash when he got on his motorcycle that fall day in October. He lost control on a sharp turn, was thrown from the road, and died at the scene. Elias’ example is an unwelcome reminder of the many dangers for motorcyclists on Virginia’s roads… Read More »

Ambulances Without Paramedics?

EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and police: we know intuitively that first responders of all types are necessary in order to protect the public and enhance public safety. But what happens when there is not enough of one type of first responder to go around? This is the problem facing Washington, D.C., and it has inspired a… Read More »

EMTs and the Right to Bear Arms

Until recently, EMTs have been prohibited from carrying concealed weapons while on duty. However, there has been a growing trend of deregulation of firearm restrictions, including changes to regulations that have banned firearms in state parks and forests. Now, the winds of change have come to EMTs, with recent legislation that has revised these regulations… Read More »

It’s Not Always Someone Else: Deputy Sheriff Arrested for DUI

Law enforcement officers are in the business of upholding the law and protecting the public. That’s why it is especially distressing to hear of the rare case when the opposite happens. We hope it can serve as a constant reminder of the importance of public safety. Kenneth Stolle, Jr., the Deputy Sheriff in the Chesapeake… Read More »

The Top Five Culprits in Car Accidents

Seatbelts, airbags, reinforced doors, sensors and warning devices reflect the steady march of technology that protects car drivers and has decreased the number of people dying on our roads in recent years. In spite of this, more than 32,000 people died in 2011 in car accidents, and many thousands more were injured. The most important… Read More »

Getting Better: Are Virginia’s Roads Getting Safer?

An increase in deaths on Virginia roads and highways in 2011 prompted the television network NBC to investigate the most dangerous roads in Virginia. More importantly, the investigators took a step further — they asked VDOT, the Virginia Department of Transportation, what it is doing to improve the situation and increase public safety. The responses… Read More »

Just A Light Touch: New Study on Ease of Brain Injury

A new preliminary study published in JAMA, (the Journal of the American Medical Association), shows that the danger of head injury need not come from a traumatic injury to the head. England’s Daily Mail reports that the study, led by Dr. Inga Koerte at Harvard, took two different groups of athletes and used a specialized… Read More »

Are You In Danger From A Counterfeit Airbag?

When you unknowingly buy a counterfeit handbag, you have been scammed out of your money. But if your car has been outfitted with a counterfeit airbag, you have been robbed of your safety, and possibly your life. NTSA, The National highway Traffic Safety Administration, has recently issued an alert to the public about the existence… Read More »

At Last, a Seat Belt for Firefighters

A 2011 report of the U.S. Fire Administration reveals that between 2006 and 2008, almost five thousand firefighters nationwide got injured on the job each year while driving or being driven in fire department vehicles. The difficulty of putting on a seatbelt when in full gear means that rarely, if ever, do firefighters wear seat… Read More »

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