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Virginia Tech Vies for Safer Student Policy

In what could possibly be a lesson learned from the wrongful death claims by the parents of two Virginia Tech shooting victims, which hinged on the fact that University officials had a duty, but failed to warn those on campus of a gunman on the loose, the prestigious institution is showing their commitment to the… Read More »

Civil Claims for Crime Victims

If you have been the victim of a crime, you may have already spent a great deal of time and effort working with police and prosecutors to see that the perpetrator is prosecuted and brought to justice.   This process is a crucial part of our criminal justice system’s mission to protect the public. Outside of… Read More »

Attorney Michael Kernbach and Co-Counsel Win Landmark Case for Families of Virginia Tech Shooting Victims

Most of the families of the victims of  the tragic 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech, which left 33 people dead, agreed to settle potential wrongful death claims against the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as Virginia Tech employees and officials for a payment of $100,000.  In exchange for the payment, the families agreed to a… Read More »

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