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Auto Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you file your auto accident lawsuit

Find answers to frequently asked auto accident questions, then contact Virginia injury lawyer Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law for more comprehensive answers. You should always feel comfortable asking any question. If an issue concerns you, it concerns us too.

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The Law Offices of Michael A. Kernbach, P.C. are located in Manassas and Roanoke, Va., and represent clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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What should I bring to my first appointment with my auto accident lawyer?

You can help your attorney make an accurate assessment of your case by providing detailed information. Relevant documents include:

  • Doctors’ notes and test results
  • Auto insurance policy
  • Mechanics’ quotes
  • Medical bills
  • Photographs of the automobiles and the scene of the accident
  • Police reports

Learn more by bringing these important documents to your free consultation with Virginia motor vehicle accident lawyer Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law.

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How can I get compensated if the person who hit me is not covered by car insurance or is unknown?

You can sue a person who does not have auto insurance and in certain cases you can sue a person who is unknown. If you have an automobile liability policy which provides you with uninsured automobile insurance, you may be able to pursue a claim and lawsuit. If you are unsure, contact accident lawyer Michael A. Kernbach, who will advise you of your options in pursuing such a case.

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I am a police officer who was hit by a car after making a traffic stop. What are my options?

You may have a civil claim against the driver of the vehicle that hit you and a workers' compensation claim against your employer. Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law, is a premier first responder accident attorney in Virginia and can advise you on obtaining full compensation for your injuries from all liable parties.

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Is there a deadline for filing my auto accident claim?

There is a deadline for filing claims in all cases. Contact Virginia injury lawyer Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law, immediately after a car accident to avoid missing this inflexible statute of limitations deadline for filing.

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Am I covered under insurance if I am the passenger in a car?

You can file your initial claim with your insurance company if you have coverage. If you do not have coverage, the insurance companies of either the car in which you were a passenger or the driver who ran into you may initially cover your claim for immediate medical treatment. To obtain full compensation, Manassas and Roanoke motor vehicle lawyer Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law, pursues damages from all negligent parties through civil suit.

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