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Determining Liability in a Commercial Truck Accident

Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer helping injured victims

Often, several parties are culpable in accidents involving big rigs. Virginia commercial truck accident attorney Michael A. Kernbach, Attorney at Law, assertively seeks the maximum compensation from all liable parties, including:

  • Automobile drivers who contributed to the accident
  • Commercial drivers
  • Construction crews who left road debris
  • Mechanics
  • Municipalities that did not maintain roadways
  • Shipping companies
  • Tractor-trailer owners or lessees
  • Vehicle and parts manufacturers

A Virginia trucking accident attorney holding corporations accountable

The large corporations that own and lease tractor-trailers, use 18-wheelers to ship goods throughout the country and who employ commercial drivers typically have their own substantial resources available to investigate accident scenes and fight liability. Big companies often send their risk management teams, insurance representatives and their own lawyers in immediately following a crash to gather and secure crucial evidence to deprive injured persons from learning the truth.

Michael applies his more than 25 years of experience and background as a police officer and federal prosecutor to hold negligent corporations accountable for contributing to your injuries. Our team possesses extensive investigatory skills and in-depth knowledge about accident reconstruction. We employ our own crash investigators to photograph the accident scene, measure skid marks, review police and toxicology reports, and talk to witnesses while their memories are still fresh. Once we determine who is liable, we demand the damages you deserve from every person and corporation responsible.

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